Protean Performance Solutions assists companies to better execute their Strategies to deliver improvements in Performance, Profitability, and, ultimately, Shareholder Value.
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Why Protean?

Protean Performance Solutions is an industry leader in helping businesses solve complex problems and formulate effective solutions. Our personalized approach enables us to design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of our clients, in the areas that they are having the most difficulty seeing success.


Our one-on-one customized approach helps Protean stand out from our competition. We strive to implement, train and coach our clients' on their most difficult decisions and business matters, in order to increase success and long term sustainability.


Here at Protean, we believe that a strong foundation is crucial to a successful business. Let us help you lay the framework you need to achieve the results you desire.

"We look forward to meeting with you and your team to help you define your goals, develop solutions, and realize the benefits of proactive positive change in your organization. If you have the Executive Courage to help your organization achieve the next level, take the first me!"


-Kitty Coleman, President/CEO, Protean Performance Solutions Inc.

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Protean Performance Solutions is a  unique and growing business solutions deployment firm headquartered in the USA. Established in 2008, we hit the ground running with our direct and pragmatic approach to helping leaders achieve their goals.