Protean Performance Solutions assists companies to better execute their Strategies to deliver improvements in Performance, Profitability, and, ultimately, Shareholder Value.
More About Protean Performance Solutions

Although every client is unique, with very specific needs and desires at a given point in time, our team works hard to ensure you receive a focused approach and maximum benefits for your investment in our services.  Below are but a few examples of the typical results we achieve:

Executive Level

• Corporate Strategy Fully Implemented

• Shareholder Value Increased

• Key Asset Utilization Optimized

• Competitive Advantage Achieved

• Working Capital Liquidity Improved


Typical Results

Supply Chain

• Procurement Costs Significantly Reduced

• Inventory Turns Increased

• Vendor Base Certified and Right-sized

• On-Time-Delivery Improved

• Logistics Routes and Facility Locations Optimized




• Operational Excellence Implemented

• Throughput Aligned to Demand

• Operating Cost Minimized

• Conversion Cycle Times Compressed

• S&OP Processes Integrated



• OEE Established and Maximized

• Condition Based Maintenance Established

• Equipment and Process Reliability Assured

• Unplanned Maintenance Costs Minimized

• Contractor Costs Reduced or Eliminated



• QMS Fully Implemented

• 1st Pass Yield Maximized

• Rework Reduced or Eliminated

• Scrap and Waste Minimized

• Warranty Claims Reduced



• Operational Excellence "Designed In"

• Planning and Layout Time Minimized

• Facility Footprint Optimized

• Facility Move Times Compressed

• Services Uninterrupted During Moves



• Profitability Dramatically Increased

• Shared Services Implemented

• G&A Costs Minimized

• Past Due Accounts Reduced

• NVA Resources Eliminated



• Innovation Fostered and Enabled

• Development Cycle Time Reduced

• Effective project controls implemented

• Commercialization Time Minimized

• Regulatory issues Mitigated or Avoided



• Revenue Enhanced

• Sales Force productivity Maximized

• Market Share Increased

• Customer Service Levels Increased

• S&OP Processes Integrated


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Protean Performance Solutions is a  unique and growing business solutions deployment firm headquartered in the USA. Established in 2008, we hit the ground running with our direct and pragmatic approach to helping leaders achieve their goals.