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Manufacturing – CS702 – Alignment & Metrics


Fibers producer recovers from equipment upgrade failure through focused alignment of resources and application of a new focused Information Dashboard.


Results: Better visibility of KPI’s throughout the operation led to focused corrective actions to recover the operation to previous operating levels, as well as facilitating profitability increases in excess of $11M / yr.


Energy - CS307 Asset Optimization / Facility Design


To meet surging global demand and limited tooling supply, Oil Field Service organization dramatically increases asset utilization of existing equipment, thereby increasing revenue without significantly increasing cost.


Results: Through application of Lean Enterprise concepts and standardizing Repair and Maintenance base design & operation, almost $1 Billion in additional profits were identified worldwide.


Manufacturing – CS106 – Change Management


Chemical Manufacturer establishes Project Management Office (PMO) to rationalize “project overload” and coordinate key resources to accomplish more with less.


Results: Leadership was able to more readily engage Key Stakeholders to more promptly accomplish higher priority goals, resulted in over $90M in bottom line impact.


Energy - CS308 - Consolidation


Global Oil Field Service Organization consolidates 5 Business Units into a multi- product line Operations Super Center.


Results: Through application of a structured Program Management process the consolidation was accomplished in record time without HSE incident and with no disruption of service to the customers.


Energy - CS313 – Strategic Procurement


Global Oil Field Services provider focuses on supporting growth and cutting costs through application of Strategic Procurement Excellence.


Results:  By rationalizing and modernizing buying protocols and procedures, the organization was able to quickly realize an overall 12% cost reduction in targeted spend areas.


Mining – CS203 – Productivity


To take advantage of advantageous pricing in the marketplace, Mining operation increases profitable production through advanced choreography and focused management of labor and equipment movement.


Results:  Through the design and automation of a comprehensive mine control system of managing, overall mine output increased by more than 110%, improving profitability by over $250M annually.


Energy - CS305 - Reliability


Refinery implements Condition Based Maintenance, moving it from a traditional "firefighting" mindset to a more cost effective and proactive preventive maintenance culture.


Results: Through more effective work identification, prioritization and execution, operations downtime was reduced by 23%, while usable output increased by 18%.


Energy – CS304 – Mergers and Acquisitions


North Sea Oil Production Operator standardizes systems and streamlines operations after multiple acquisitions to capitalize on resulting synergies.


Results:  Through establishment of shared services, standard work, an integrated system for managing, and universal communications protocols, $131M in annual cost savings were realized.


Case Studies

From Organization Alignment to Facility Design, to Productivity to Post Merger & Acquisition Integration; Protean has a deep understanding of how your organization works from the ground up.  Below are just a few samples of our diverse portfolio of Case Studies.

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